Sunday, 21 April 2013

My Secret 7 Inches

Harder Than You Think - Public Enemy

The Beast - Laura Marling

I'm back in Stockholm after a wonderful weekend in London. I was there with my boyfriend and we hung out with some of my favourite people, did some shopping and ate loads of tasty food. We went back to our old neighbourhood for the first time since moving back to Sweden and had pizza at The Big Red in Deptford. It's an old double decker bus that's been converted into a restaurant. If you're in London and haven't been there, or if you're travelling to London, I really recommend you going there for a meal. The whole weekend was great and I felt both homesick and nostalgic. We're already making plans to go back again soon!

While we where there we also had a look at the Secret 7" exhibition that I had two pieces in this year. We where there about one hour after opening on Saturday and most of the sleeves had already been sold, so I never got to see mine printed. I did find a photo of this very pleased looking guy who bought one of them on The Secret 7"s facebook page though. 


bch said...

i love your public enemy sleeve! i saw it at the exhibiton and it fast became my favourite for that track.

Karin Söderquist said...

Thanks! I wish I'd been there earlier (or the weekend before) to see all the sleeves!