Sunday, 22 July 2012

Places I've lived in London

These are the places I lived during my almost 4 years in London. I don't miss the flats themselves but I'm starting to miss how easy it is to find somewhere to live in London. The standard is usually a bit shit but at least you can find somewhere to rent when you need to. And I really miss having my own flat with my own work space. Finding somewhere to live in Stockholm is a bloody nightmare!


Åsa said...

Yeah, Stockholm is really hard, I suggest making a facebook post about it and to e-mail everyone you know, someone might know someone who wants to rent their flat out for a year or two, I am sure you will be fine as long as you are really on it, I can ask everyone I know if you want?


Karin Söderquist said...

we haven't really started looking properly yet but I'm trying to put together an event on FB event and I also thought I'll put an ad up on Blocket. And yes, if you watn to ask everyone you know that would be amazing! The event should be up to night or tm so you can share it too!

Anikó said...

Sounds similar to here! I've given myself a mental deadline that we will be in our place by September, so there's still hope :)
I so agree with you about missing the personal space and creative corner, but not London itself.
Good luck with the search, hope it will be short and successful!

Karin Söderquist said...

Thanks Anikó, I hope so too.

Where are you planning to move to? Will it be somewhere around where your staying now or maybe Helsinki? Good luck you too!