Thursday, 31 May 2012


I worked together with the fashion assistant for 1883 Magazine to create the concept and set design for this fashion shoot for their latest issue (although I'm not responsible for the highlights on the jukebox and notes). It's inspired by 50's ice cream parlors and rock n' roll music. Arthur Woodcroft shoot it. It was great getting the chance to use my 3D work in a more commercial setting and to find a quick and easy way to execute it. Unlike my dioramas and previous 3D work this is made out of cardboard and only took me a couple of days to complete.


Anikó said...

That's super! Can't wait to see the shoot with your cardboard 3D work - I hope you will post some images of them soon xxx

Karin Söderquist said...

That's actually it in the image in this post. I made the jukebox and the notes.

Marloes de Vries said...

Looks great Karin! I love the colours.