Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Cat Show Wallet Give-away!

I drew these cats over a year ago when I lived in a flat with beautiful wooden floors (now I live in a flat with a green carpet, but it's nice too, if you want you can pretend it's grass and put a blanket out and have a picnic).

They've been made in to a wallet by Tinymeat and to celebrate that I'm giving one away on the blog. Just leave a comment below and it could be yours. If you want to you can tell me your favourite cat breed or a cat story but you don't have to, if you like you can just say "Hi!". The winner will be selected at random and announced a week from now on Wednesday the 29th of February.

The wallet is also available from my shop.

Edit: Entry is now closed.


Katie said...

great job :) i cant think of a cat story right now- i might come back later with one..!

Dot said...

I dreamt of my cat last night. For some reason, she was on the roof of a house and couldn't get down. But when she saw me, she sprang into my arms. I liked that dream.

Jenny Marie said...

I love this so much!

My cat story: when I was a little kid, I subscribed to Cat Fancy. And I wrote a story about a cat and they published it in their children's section. So...I've been published. In Cat Fancy.

céline said...

I wish I had a cat-story, but I'm allergic to cats so I can't have one in my home. And I love cats, it's just too bad ;-(
Our neighbours do have a cat and he visits me a lot in our garden, that's okay, then his hair stays outside, haha!

Camilla said...

This is just adorable! I love cats and besides, my wallet is broken :))

Miao said...

Well, i love this. and i really need a wallet.

i have a cat story for you.

my childhood was a neverending "i want a cat" campain to my parents. So when i turned 19 i moved from luleå to stockholm. At that point i decided to get my own cat. After 1 year me and my boyfriend split up and i moved to an apartment where i couldnt have her. So my parents offered to take care of her.

5 years later she moved up to them now. And i wont get her back.

So apparently they wanted a cat aswell.